I am a self-taught photographer who first delved into the medium back in 2007. In 2011 I left my full-time job as an academic advisor to pursue photography full-time. My current work focuses on cityscapes, architecture, abandoned spaces, panoramas, drone and night photography.

I also recently earned my FAA Part 107 Drone License (read below). In 2019 I spent a lot of time learning and getting comfortable with using a drone, it is definitely a different way of capturing a scene than with a camera on a tripod! More aspects of a composition to take into account, and of course, being sure to not crash into a building!

My aspiration for photographing Detroit revolves around its historical buildings, for some reason the past calls to me, to capture these old, historically beautiful buildings that will never be built again. My eye naturally searches for the beauty that still exists in these buildings and this is what I most strongly attempt to convey in my work: the details, light, textures and colors of these spaces.

Overall, I love all aspects of the city, but it’s most magical just as the sun disappears underneath the horizon: blue hour and night photography brings a drama and energy unlike the daytime.

A few pursuits I enjoy besides photography: cooking, spending time with my sister Dana and friends, reading, drinking tea, and playing with our cats Jinx and Zuko.


What does it mean to be a drone pilot? It means I successfully passed the FAA Part 107 exam to allow unmanned pilots to be licensed to fly their drone for commercial purposes. Furthermore, I can legally be hired to capture images for a client, as well as sell any of my fine art images captured with my drone.

Check out my drone image gallery!